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In Vitro Fertilization

Maximize your IVF success with RGI’s expert, leading-edge care.

If you’re on a quest to get pregnant and have a beautiful, healthy baby, Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility's IVF Clinic can help. 

  • We have performed thousands of IVF procedures
  • We have an outstanding success rate
  • Our shared-risk program offers a 100% money-back guarantee!
  • We are taking special precautions to protect your safety during COVID-19



With our comprehensive, leading-edge IVF center, go ahead and have a baby!

All evaluations, monitoring and IVF procedures performed on-site.


Invest smartly in your dream with our competitive IVF pricing, one-stop convenience and 100% Guarantee.

In vitro fertilization treatment is an investment in your family and future. We strive to provide the very best value-to-IVF cost relationship, because we believe in smart investments… and in helping you afford your IVF. To that end, we provide the most advanced care at competitive prices. We also keep associated costs down by delivering all care in-house, eliminating the need to visit other types of providers and ensuring everything is done expertly. Finally, we offer many different financing options to help you get treatment now.


With our shared-risk program, we guarantee IVF success.

Simply put, our goal is your goal: for you to take a baby home and love it. We’re committed to it. That’s why, as part of our shared-risk program, we guarantee that you’ll get pregnant — and have a baby — when you pay up-front for three cycles of IVF. If you have no baby following three cycles, we’ll return ALL of your investment.


For IVF success, trust experience, innovation and commitment.

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility exists for one reason: to make your dream of having a baby come true. And for more than 25 years, we’ve been at the forefront of reproductive medicine, dedicating our expertise and skill to bringing joy to growing families.

Today, we remain at the leading edge of fertility medicine, and we’re sought-after for our state-of-the-art capabilities, our reliable second opinions, and our commitment to your IVF success.  


“We had a wonderful experience with the RGI staff during our IVF cycle. All staff were kind, friendly and very informative! We felt comfortable at every visit and each procedure. The staff at RGI are wonderful and made our IVF journey a great experience. We are so thankful!”

“RGI went above and beyond to make my husband and me comfortable and happy with the care they gave us!”

“Thank you! Everyone is extremely caring and professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

“A wonderful place! I would highly recommend RGI to anyone who is in the same position as me and my husband.”


Making IVF more likely to succeed by fixing issues that stand in its way.

As board-certified gynecologic surgeons as well as fertility specialists, we can make IVF more likely to be successful by resolving problems that inhibit embryo implantation. These include endometriosis, certain kinds of uterine fibroids and adhesions, congenital abnormalities, and more. In some cases, IVF surgery can make treatment an option for women who may have been told it wasn’t.


On the case, at the ready and here when you need us!

With 5 locations, 5 doctors and a commitment to flexibility, RGI provides unexpected accessibility… and convenience. We’re available 7 days per week to perform time-sensitive procedures related to IVF, such as retrievals and transfers. Also, because we provide comprehensive services in-house, you get the convenience of one-stop ease and knowing and trusting the people working to make your dream come true.


Highly credentialed fertility specialists with a longstanding reputation for excellence.

RGI’s doctors are highly credentialed, experienced reproductive endocrinologists at the leading edge of their field. They’ve performed many thousands of procedures and have a reputation for excellence, compassion and dedication. They’re surgeons as well as fertility specialists, and they perform their own ultrasounds and procedures, both of which demonstrate our commitment to excellence… and to your growing family.



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Today’s advanced in vitro fertilization techniques are making it possible for more people than ever to take home the baby they’ve been dreaming of. That’s why RGI offers the complete range of leading-edge IVF services and technique in its state-of-the-art embryology labs, including:

  • Preimplantation genetic screening & diagnosis (PGS/PGD)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Egg & embryo freezing & storage
  • Blastocyst culture & transfer
  • Single-embryo transfer
  • Assisted hatching

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Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility respects the needs, sensitivities and confidentiality of couples and individuals. 

Names have been withheld for privacy.


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95 Arch St., Suite 250

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Sara Carnes of News 5 Cleveland sits down with Dr. Shweta Bhatt, MD, FACG to learn more about RGI's unique makeup as one of Cleveland's most successful fertility treatment centers and IVF guarantee program.  

Sara Carnes of News 5 Cleveland sits down with Dr. Shweta Bhatt, MD, FACG to learn more about RGI's unique makeup as one of Cleveland's most successful fertility treatment centers and IVF guarantee program.  


6701 Rockside Rd. Suite 220 

Independence, OH 44131 

There’s no medical reason not to, but there is much to consider. Start the conversation today with one of our experts. We can consult with you via telemedicine, and we are taking special safety precautions for in-office testing and treatment.